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Laminaria salads

Laminaria salads:

It is worth speaking about advantages of laminaria which is also known as "sea-kale".

Laminaria contains easy-assimilating protein, mineral substances, different vitamins a lot of trace elements. A small helping of "sea-kale" supplies our organism with a day-rate of iodine. A small quantity of calories which give enough energy for the whole day will make glad those people who care about their fitness. "Sea-kale" not only possesses medicinal characteristics but also prolongs your life.

And the most important thing is that the proverb: "Useful means not tasty" can be easily disproved. There is no epithet to show a fairy-like state of bliss after tasting laminaria salads with various additions. Thoroughly chosen ingredients of the salads create such a wonderful composition that will amaze everyone.

"Appetitnyi" salad will present a tender taste. It contains fresh apples and dried apricots. It should be said that it is the salad which influences beneficially cardiac vascular system.

We suggest the laminaria salad "Korean" for those who enjoy the Korean cuisine. "Murmanski" salad is an amazing combination of laminaria and pickled mushrooms.

Besides we also offer a lot of salads with different kinds of fish. All these unique combinations are so tasty thanks to refined choice of spices and a proper medium.

So it must be said that laminaria salad is a wonderful combination of taste and use. Dont believe? Then try and make certain!

Our enterprise has developed a wide assortment of laminaria salads:

  • "Murmanski" with mushrooms;
  • "Zakusochnyi" with paprika;
  • "Appetitnyi" with apples and dried apricots;
  • "Vitaminnyi" with apples and raisins;
  • "Delicatesnyi" with maize and crab sticks;
  • "Pickled laminaria";
  • "Izumitelnyi" with raisins and dried apricots;
  • "Fantazia" with raisins, apples and pine apples;
  • "Sahalinskiy" with paprika and carrots;
  • "Provansal" with mushrooms and carrots;
  • "Tsarskiy" with trout.

All salads are in plastic packages 300 gram each.

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